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Special Topics
in Environmental Technology

Special Lecture

'Special Topics in Environmental Technology' is a lecture series where we invite field experts in various environmental areas as guest speakers to complement the regular MGLEP curriculum. 

The lectures will be every Friday. The time will be variable depending on the guest

speaker's availability

Resource Recycle
International Cooperation

Our Story

The topics will cover various environmental fields including water, air, wastewater, resource recycle, forestry, bio-diversity, international cooperation, leadership, etc.

Introduction of Lecture

1st Lecture
2nd Lecture
Waste Management
Microplastics Managemnet
-Issues and Limitation-


Professor Hyunwook KIM has been a professor in the Department of Environmental Engineering at University of Seoul, where he has received numerous awards for his contributions to the field of environmental studies. He has been serving as a university professor since 2006

International Cooperation
International Cooperation Program and Green Cases


Ryu Seungmin, who is affiliated with the Korea Environmental Industry and Technology Institute (KEITI), serves as the team leader of the Public Business Team. He has been invited as a guest speaker for a special lecture on international cooperation, ongoing projects at KEITI, and global efforts related to environmental initiatives. This invitation recognizes his expertise as a specialist in the field.
3rd Lecture
Climate Smart Forestry


Professor Lee Woo-kyun of the Department of Environmental Ecology and Engineering at Korea University is an expert in the field of forestry. He provides insights into the efforts made in the forestry sector in Korea since the 1960s and the evolutionary changes up to the present. Additionally, he offers solutions and a perspective on what kind of approach and measures are necessary for environmental conservation in the face of climate change.
4th Lecture
Carbon Neutrality
Understanding Nature-Based Solutions


Currently a professor at Dankook University, Professor Cho Myung-rae teaches in the Department of Urban Planning and Real Estate. He is a respected authority in various fields, including national parks, forestry, climate change, and carbon neutrality. Notably, he served as the 11th Chairman of the National Institute of Environmental Research and as the 18th Minister of Environment in South Korea.
5th Lecture
6th Lecture
7th Lecture
8th Lecture
9th Lecture
Biodiversity and Biological Resources


Dr. Chun Jae kyong, who holds a director position at the IUCN Korea Committee, also serves as the CEO of the National Nature Trust. Furthermore, he previously worked as a professor at Seoul National University, maintaining consistent research and engagement in the field of biodiversity. In this lecture, we can learn a great deal about in-depth studies on biodiversity and the future direction of the environment.
Environmental Policy
Sustainable Public & Private Policies to Promote Green Consumption in Korea

This lecture consists of three parts to promote green consumption in public and private sector.
The first is the introduction of Korea Eco-Labelling scheme.
Secondly, we’ll look at the current status of GPP(Green Public Procurement) based on the Act on the Promotion of Purchase of Green Products which enforces public sector to buy green products compulsory
Third, we are going to review various efforts to promote green consumption in private sector. 
Environmental Policy
EU Environmental Regulations and Policies

The EU has been reinforcing environmental regulations to tackle with climate change. In particular Ursula von der Leyen, the President of European Commission, argues that European Green Deal and its subsequent policies could do critical roles for the climate neutrality by 2050. Some of them, such as CBAM, could impose additional burdens to non-EU countries’ companies, which are causing controversy. It’s time to understand the key features of EU environmental regulations and policies. 
Atmosphere, Air pollution
Characteristics and directions of Air Quality Management
in Korea


In this lecture, we will explore the characteristics of air pollution in Korea, as well as the historical trends and features of Korean policies. We also aim to discuss the issues of air quality and policy directions in the era of carbon neutrality, along with the recent major policies since the 2010s to improve PM2.5 pollution.
Water Management
Appropriate Technology for Better Water Environment

Appropriate technology is a low-cost technology that can be applied locally in developing countries. This lecture covers the project contents of the Cambodia Center for Appropriate Technology of Water and Sanitation and the Laos Appropriate Technology Center when I was working at Engineers and Scientists Without Borders in Korea, as well as the recent projects of the National Research Foundation (NRF) and the Korea Invention Patent Association (KIPA). This is about the ongoing international cooperation project of science and technology ODA in cooperation with developing countries.
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