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ISUS has been founded with the aim to nurture urban and construction professionals, who can work both at home and abroad with the skills, knowledge and professionalism, which are called for in today’s increasingly globalizing professional environment.

It offers postgraduate degree programs, Sustainable Urban Development (SUD) and Global Construction (GC), providing unique combinations of practice and theory in the relevant fields such as urban planning and management, urban and regional policies, project finance, construction operation and management. These primarily attract Korean mid-career professionals.

ISUS also runs the International Urban Development Program (IUDP) offering four differentiated degree programs, namely Master of Urban Administration and Planning (MUAP), Master of Urban Development (MUD), Master of Infrastructure Planning & Development (MIPD) and Master’s Program for Future Global Leaders in Environmental Policy (MGLEP) which are largely subscribed by mid-career government officials from partner cities and countries. The IUDP also offers an intensive case study program for students from the West, currently from the USA and the UK. The school integrates a variety of perspectives and disciplines which are deemed necessary for passing on Korea’s experience in urban development and management to partner countries who wish to draw lessons from it.

The academic programs offer abundant opportunities for domestic and overseas students to learn and interact across programs through lectures, seminars and special programs, that in turn contribute to building a network of people amongst able professionals who will be leading future urban development across the globe.


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