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University of Seoul is a public university funded and supported by the Seoul Metropolitan Government. Seoul is the economic, political, and cultural center of Korea. It is also the 600-year capital of Korea, a historical city with social, cultural, and physical layers spread out along a vast and complex landscape. The character of the university, academic programs, and research institutions is shaped by Seoul’s metropolitan dynamic. Its faculty, students, and administrative body are distinguished by a commitment to civic values and a dynamic urban civilization. Along with basic research, it functions as a think-tank in formulating and supporting the major policy goals of the Seoul Metropolitan Government. With diverse and specific programs that integrate research and policy, practice and education, the University of Seoul seeks a balance between academic and professional concerns, between visionary goals and practical research.

University of Seoul has set a clear goal of becoming an international center for the urban sciences. These range from environmental and civic engineering, architecture, urban planning and landscape design to public law and administration, taxation science, economics, urban sociology and management. More recently, the university has diversified this base to include the arts and humanities. In the area of science and engineering, the university has concentrated on the development of information and media technology. With Korea’s largest and finest group of human and informational resources focused on the future of the world’s city, it boasts a unique array of research institutions working on the solutions to its problems and creative visions for its future.

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School of

The International School of Urban Sciences (ISUS) of University of Seoul (UOS) was launched in Spring 2013 in an effort to contribute to the development of sustainable urban communities in the world through an interdisciplinary program of teaching, research, and outreach.


ISUS offers two graduate programs in global construction management and sustainable urban & regional development. The two-year graduate degree programs seek to provide an interdisciplinary, engaged learning environment in which students from various fields acquire the knowledge and professional skills necessary for becoming leading practitioners in the field of environment policy and sustainable development.

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ISUS Main Office
Law building
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Describe ISUS's educational direction
Goals to achieve for the future with the course


Expain the mission and foundation of ISUS
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The history of growing into a global educational institution
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Five-point vision for student career advancement
Passionate, dedicated, and knowledgeable professors

UOS Curriculum

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Explore the curriculum at the University of Seoul
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