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Program Name: Master’s Program for Future Global Leaders in Environmental Policy (MGLEP)

  • To provide an opportunity for prospective leaders of countries that have close ties with Korea; to pursue graduate studies in Environmental Policy at a designated academic institution in Korea; to contribute to sustainable economic and social development of our partner countries.
  • countries.among partner To share our experience on development practices in order to promote cooperation

Sponsor: Korean Government (Ministry of Environment)
  • Ministry of Environment(KME): Design the program and provide fund
  • International Environmental Cooperation Cente(IECC) from Korea Environmental Inudstry & Techonlogy
  • Institute(KEITI) : Manage and coordinate the program, Provide extra programs(networkings, internship,. etc)
  • Academic Institution : Provide coursework and extra-curricular programs, and support the participants’ settlement
The coursework consists of 24-credit core coursework and 12-credit elective courses excluding thesis course and internship program. Students are required to take more than 51 credits for graduation.
  • Commonly required courses: Courses about Korea’s Environmental Policy, Environmental Seminars and Field Trips
  • Major required and selective courses: Depend on academic institution’s curriculum
  • Extracurricular courses: Korean Language and Culture
Academic institution: University of Seoul (UOS)
Language: English
Duration: 24 Months (4 Semesters) (2 years in maximum to obtain a Master’s Degree)

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