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Visit the website by your PC or laptop.

It is not recommended to upload files in mobile version.

1. Download application form

[Application Checklist]

[Form 1]

[Form 2]

[Form 3]

[Form 4]

[Form 5]

[Form 6]

  • Type and fill out application form 0~6

  • All forms should be completed in English and typed

2. Prepare all requirements for submission

Letter of Nomination from the Ministry or Organization of the applicant’s affiliation

  •  Please submit the Nomination letter signed by the head of your rganization

       1) the Minister of the Ministry

       2) the Head of the Organization of the Applicant’s Affiliation

  • If you aren’t officially nominated by your organization, it may be difficult to accept your application.

Certificate of Graduation of Undergraduate and Graduate school (Apostilled or Embassy Notarized)

Official Transcripts of undergraduate and graduate schools (Apostilled or Embassy Notarized)

Official Report of English-Proficiency Test (TOEFL/TOEIC/IELTS) or any proof of applicant’s English-Proficiency (Optional) (Apostilled or Embassy Notarized)

Certificate of Employment (Apostilled or Embassy Notarized)

  • Please prove that you have worked for more than three years as a full-time or permanent employee.

  • Certificate of employment should include particular words such as permanent or full-time.

Curriculum Vitae

A Copy of Passport (If the passport has yet to be issued, please send a photocopy of national ID card. As soon as the passport is issued, please send a copy of the passport)

Photo, 3X4 cm or passport size

3. Please be punctual with Deadline

Application & Registration Schedule

4. Upload your documents for submission

If you experience any problems or technical issues with your MGLEP application, please do not hesitate to contact us at

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