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Master’s Program for Future Global Leaders in Environmental Policy (MGLEP)
The Master’s Program for Future Global Leaders in Environmental Policy (MGLEP) funded by the Ministry of Environment of Korea (KME) is designed to support Graduate Studies Program for government officials working in environment or related fields in Korea’s partnering countries

The main goal of MGLEP
is to support the training of key personnel who have the capacity to lead the sustainable economic and social development of our partnering countries through the transfer of Korea’s know-how and experiences in environmental improvement.

The KME launched the program for the first time in 2015, reflecting the demand of its partnering countries for the long-term capacity-building programs discu
ssed during high-level meetings and through the international cooperation network of the Ministry.

This program is expected to contribute to the capacity-building in environmental policy of partnering countries by allowing the participants to experience Korea’s development process, acquire specialized knowledge in the field of environment through intensive training, and strengthen the ability for policy development and analysis.

With the ownership of the program, the KME will put its best efforts to support participants of MGLEP not only in expanding their knowledge of environmental policy and technology, but also establishing valuable networks and experiencing Korean culture, society and history throu
gh this invitation program for officials of our partnering countries.

International Environmental Cooperation Center (IECC) of Korea Environmental Industry & Technology Institute (KEITI)

In 2009, the Korea Environmental Industry & Technology Institute (hereinafter referred to as “KEITI”) was founded as a quasi-government organization under the Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Korea. As taking the major lead in developing environmental technologies, fostering environmental industry, and spreading eco-friendly lifestyles, KEITI is contributing to offer improved environmental welfare services for citizens and to achieve sustainable development both domestically and internationally.

The International Environmental Cooperation Center (hereinafter referred to as “IECC”) has established in 2020 in order to lead the international environmental cooperation of the Korean government under the guidance of the Ministry of Environment based on extensive research and cooperation activities in an effort to make transition towards sustainable and green future.
Under the Vision, “Global green partnership platform for sustainable future”, IECC is managing the Master’s program for Future Global Leaders in Environmental Policy for foreign government officials, through which we share environmental knowledge and strengthening partnership.
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